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Who needs site licenses?

Site-licenses can be obtained for 5 or more users of VAR Grade.  It can include a department, school, or entire college or university.

What do you receive?

bulletThe license allows internal use and copying of the software for as many sites / computers / users as contracted for.  Employees of the license holder can even use the program at home.
bulletThe site license includes the latest version of VAR Grade 2000, and, if requested, VAR Grade for Windows 3.1.
bulletVAR Grade 2000 is sent on CD, while the Windows 3.1 version is sent on 3 1/2" disks (one printed manual is included with the Windows 3.1 version).
bulletThe manual is included on the CD, and can be printed or viewed on the computer.
bulletFuture updates can be obtained at 50% of the current site-license fee.
bulletYou can upgrade the license to include more users at any time by paying the difference in price from what you originally paid and what the price is for the higher number of users. For example, if you purchase a site license for 10 to 19 users, then decide to upgrade it to 20 to 39 users, you would pay an additional $90 (see price list below). Prices are valid until a major new version of the program is released.


Users/Sites Price (US)  Approximate savings
up to 9  $ 140- 20% (for 5 users)
up to 19   $ 210- 40% (for 10 users)
20 to 39 $ 300- 57% (for 20 users)
40 to 79 $ 550- 61% (for 40 users)
80 to 159 $ 900- 68% (for 80 users)
160 to 319 $1500- 72% (for 150 users)
320 or more $2200-
+ $150 for every 50 users above 300
(i.e., up to 370 users costs $2350)
80% (for 300 users)

NOTE: shipping in the US is included! Outside the US, include $5.

Single-user licenses are also available.

To order

    by credit card: Order now

    by mail or purchase orders:

bulletPurchase orders from schools and colleges in the US and Canada are accepted.
bulletPersonal or school checks from the US or Canada are accepted.
bulletShipping is included in the price in N. America.
bulletOrders from outside North America are payable in US dollars. Payment can be in international postal orders, American Express, International money orders, credit card (see below) or checks drawn on US banks (in US dollars. Most banks can issue these).  We cannot accept checks that are not drawn on US banks (it costs us $70 to cash these!).

Mail to:

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