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VGW 95 Files


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You may download patches to VAR Grade for Windows.  These patches only work for registered versions, and will not work on the evaluation versions.  To bring your program up to date, download the last file and any others necessary.  Better still, upgrade to the latest version: VAR Grade!

Note that this program will not be updated in the future.  These versions are dated November 13, 1999.

Upgrade version File Size
Version 2.00.0 to Version 2.01.1 ud-vgw95.exe 1211 K
Version 2.01.1 to Version 2.02.1 ud1vgw95.exe 1328 K
Version 2.02.0 or later to Version 2.03.5 ud2vgw95.exe 1411 K
Version 2.02.8 or later to Version 2.03.5 ud3vgw95.exe 573 K
Registered versions (require a password) File Size
Version vgw95.exe 2846 K
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