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VAR Grade 3.1


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VAR Grade for Windows 3.1 contains all the features that you need and expect to find in a gradebook program.  It has no artificial limits that other programs have.  It has numerous unusual or unique features.

Key Benefits

bulletUnlimited students, classes, assignments (tasks), etc.
bulletYou can use seating charts, database items, attendance, etc.
bulletLetter or number grades.
bulletThere are numerous ways you can set up how you determine grades.  You aren't limited to just one method!  For example, you can discard some, weight them, use attendance with them, average and sum them, etc.
bulletAbility to separate students into sections.
bulletExtensive plotting and statistical abilities (T-scores, correlations, percentiles, z-scores, etc).  Plot by class, individual, and more.
bulletCustom grading systems can be used.
bulletExport and import data and grades.
bulletInternet capabilities including posting of student grades, emailing students or parents, and automatically downloading updates via the internet.
bulletPasswords can be used to protect data.
bulletIt is networkable.
bulletAnd much more!


bullet$35 for single-users
bulletSite licenses start at $140


You can download evaluation copies, registered versions, or updates.  Registered versions require a password to make fully functional.

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