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VAR Grade Fixes in 2.01


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This page lists the fixes to previous versions of VAR Grade for Windows.  We recommend updating to the latest version of the program whenever you can.  Updates are done at irregular intervals.

Fixes from 2.02 to 2.03

Fixes from 2.03 to the current version


Version 2.02.0:


    Ability to change the subject for emailing data to students.

    In seating charts, you can "appy" rows and columns to a class and keep the current seats (it realigns them).

   Task wizard: added documentation and canceling out of it.


    Problems exporting some tasks (not student data).

    Several report commands were fixed or enhanced: [TaskDate], [TaskCompDate], [SectComm], [SectionName]

    Problems viewing multiple sections and students in report forms were fixed.

   The option to email us from the program sometimes didn't work.

   Descriptive statistics: error is select students by db item.

   Scaled weight tasks didn't work right if the weights were not 1.

   When changing notebook pages, sometimes the current cell wasn't updated on the next page.

    Printing students when you have one section and it's number was > 1 would not work.

    If you have > 1 section, scaling scores sometimes didn't work.

Version 2.01.6:


    Ability to print output in HTML format.

    Support for vocational teachers: completion dates for tasks and calculating grades using them.

    Auditing features (saves all changes to students data to a text file).

    More commands in reports section (e.g. [AttRepeat], [TaskCompDate], etc)


    Switching from 1 to 2 grade systems could produce a stack fault.

    [TaskDate] (in reports) printed the current date.

Version 2.01.5:


    Printing IDs in plots

    New command in User tasks.


   [NumStudents] command in Reports section didn't work right.

   Fixed confusing date  (year on right calendar) on Define Many Dates dialog.

   Attendance extra credit task couldn't be correctly defined.

    Forced graded recalculations for all tasks when making any changes to task definitions.

    Printing more than one subject when printing by individual students didn't print all classes.

    Copying cell data didn't work right when entering grades.

    Grade cutoffs were only displayed with one digit (but calculated using more digits).

Version 2.01.4:


   When defining a grading system, asks whether to change already defined final tasks.

   When defining letter grades, asks whether to adjust student grades to fit the new system.

    You can now set the default points for a number task (the default is 100).


   If multiple sections when scaling a task, it didn't always scale all sections.

   Problem with resizing windows in the program.

   If print reports, only printed the first section of students if you select by sections on that window.

   When printing, if the left margin was too large, a new page was sometimes printed too early (giving a short page).

Version 2.01.3


   Prints time on printouts (if desired).

   Added message telling how many students were emailed.


    Sometimes assigned an I instead of an F when doing final grades.

    History lists for version 3.1 wouldn't select the first class.

    If you changed the total points for a letter grade, didn't adjust it for grade recalculations (for already defined tasks).

Version 2.01.2


    Added drive to class file listing at the top of the class window.

    [ClassStudents] added in reports section to print the number of students in the class.

    [EMailAddr] added to reports to print the email address of a student.


    Email problem: could send extra (incorrect) email to the first student.

    [Grades] command printed the task score.

Version 2.01.1


    Could email to the wrong student (student 1), or if emailing one person, a blank email sometimes sent.

    Reports section showed the student reports twice.

    The dialer for email sometimes didn't work right (if on a network).

    Sometimes get an error "creating a window" (cosmetic: no effects to the class).

Version 2.01.0 (major changes)


   Patch names were changed to ud1vgw31.exe & ud1vgw95.exe (from ud-vgw31.exe & ud-vgw95.exe).


   Ability to email data to students or anyone else (MAJOR).

   Added saving of column widths on student notebook page.

   Added more grade categories for task definitions.


   Sometimes the correlation coefficient in Correlation plots was 0 when it shouldn't be.

   When defining tasks, sometimes the buttons for moving tasks were set wrong.

   Sometimes GPF's in 3.1 version when exiting.

   Printing whatifs didn't always show all sections.

   When plotting, sometimes didn't show scores > total points.

   History lists of classes didn't show the first class listed.

   Some passwords didn't work (old ones).

   If missing task numbers, correlation plot could show the wrong task.

   Won't sort on character or boolean db items.

   Didn't save the section names when changed.

   If switching between student and class view, then sorting, the first student was deleted.

   If copy to clipboard with a line > 80 characters, got a list error.

   If close reports with the editor open, got an access violation.

   Problems with Windows NT and dll's (and some with Windows 3.1 and dll's).

   Delete certain students sometimes deleted the wrong one.


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