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VAR Grade Fixes in 2.02


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This page lists the fixes to previous versions of VAR Grade for Windows.  We recommend updating to the latest version of the program whenever you can.  Updates are done at irregular intervals.

Fixes from 2.01 to 2.02

Fixes from 2.03 to the current version

Version 2.03:


   Problem exporting student scores if student score is greater than the total points of the task.

   Installation problem if Windows NT and not administrator rights. Fixed in the installation.

   If you remove a task, the grades were not recalculated.

   Inserting random IDs could duplicate IDs.

   Copy and delete while editing in some cases could cause a list error.

Version 2.02.9:


    For sum, average, and percent tasks, if they are in a category and immediately after a task of the same category, the last task won't be counted.

    The current time was always printed, regardless of the setting.

Version 2.02.8:


    Cannot focus problem is clicking "Add more" when defining tasks.

    Problems with invisible items when using non-standard screen colors.

    Descriptive statistics listed the lowest interval instead of the lowest score as the "low score".

    Import data problems for existing tasks and default sections.

    Sum tasks can now total tasks that are only Extra credit tasks.

    If you cancel out of Adjusting grades, get an index out of bounds error.

    Error on Individual printouts with the width of "Not submitted" if fixed width fonts are used (e.g. Courier).

    Help not shown when renaming items.

    Manually resizing columns doesn't always work.

    If printing by section and not using task dates and printing a db item before printing tasks, width of key wrong.


    If click on header when editing, now asks if you want to sort.

Version 2.02.7:


    Problems with column widths.

    GPF if students sorted with (some) other windows open.

    Importing checked for names, then IDs instead of the reverse.

    Problem printing memos on report forms.

Version 2.02.6:


    Again: problem plotting high categories (range > high).

    Incline calculator had problems with cursor position.

    Emailing problem with 2.02.5 fixed.

Version 2.02.5:


    Randomly generated IDs (on Class menu)

    New reports commands: [Singleline] and [Doubleline] (see the readme file after installation)


    When defining new tasks, clears old task name, date, and group.

    Cutting and pasting from combo boxes added.

    Forcing vocational dates to the task date.


    Exporting to version 6 (DOS)  files.

    Problem plotting high categories (range > high)

    Viewing task definition by right-click and menu selection gave wrong task date (2 days off)

Version 2.02.4:


    Ability to export attendance and db items directly to another class.


    Clearing scores gave a -1 instead of a blank.

    Seating charts were inaccessible.

    Sometimes deleting students caused mixups.

    Bug in weight tasks introduced in 2.02.3.

    Problem that sometimes prevented defining dates in a later month.

Version 2.02.3:



   Double-clicking on a column while editing brings up the definition.  If it's a task, you can edit it.

   Default task widths for new tasks for entering student data (Options dialog).

   You can open multiple classes from the Class Open dialog.

    Additional option for student task dates: completion date the same as the task date.


   Gray button on maximized windows fixed!

   Grading dialog: column widths, multiple grading systems problems.

   Letter grades and vocational option set, get access violation when entering student data.

   If one section, but the number is > 1, get no students on seating chart.

   Weight tasks, if not scaled, percents show wrong when viewing by individual.

   Removing attendance days had two problems.


   When changing viewed tasks, etc., uses current settings for name, ID, etc instead of the Info settings.

Version 2.02.2:


   Viewing a faq (frequently asked questions) from the Help menu.

   Change spacing between columns in writing data by sections (Options dialog)


   Problems in plotting:

      --Final tasks not plotted if the grade system of the task wasn't the same as the global system

      --Sometimes highest letter grade didn't plot

      --Some grades equal to the cutoff plotted in the next category

   List errors could occur if sorting students by tasks.

   Printing individual students, if one per page, each new subject caused a new page.

   Some version 1.0 classes didn't read in correctly.

   Reports: [TaskDate] and [TaskCompDate] could print two days off the correct date.

   List error in emailing students (all data was sent corrrectly).

   Networks: problems reading read-only files were fixed.

Version 2.02.1:


   More sorting capabilitites (up to any 4 fields).

   User task: squares and square roots added to capabilities.

   Exporting tasks: current numbers retained, if possible.


   Section problems: sometimes saw no students in a section (there were some), or even a program error.

   Using the mouse to change attendance widths didn't work.

   [AttRepeat][IfAttxxx] commands could hang program.

   Couldn't enter a .5 (could do 0.5).

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